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Conservation tips for wildlife

Developing a garden which balances with the natural world isn't a job in of itself but an attitude to everything you do in your space. Thinking about timing your activities, cutting out plastic and even just not cutting the grass for a while are easy contributions to the health of your eco system and will ultimately reward you with harmony and health.


Welcome new hedgehogs with a hearty meal

Baby hedgehogs are emerging from their nests this month. Help them on their way by leaving meat based dog or cat food for them in a hedgehog feeding station. Don't forget to leave a shallow tray of water nearby as well.

Leave the electric hedge trimmer in the shed for a little bit longer

Your hedges are probably desperate for a trim but leave the powered hedge trimmers in the shed until the end of August to protect nesting birds. Instead a trim with sharp hand shears can tidy up your boundaries without disturbing birds or damaging nests.


Start to mow your wildflower areas

Slowly start to trim back your wildflower or long grass areas. Flowers and grasses will be setting seed at this time of year so cut back some of your wild areas leaving the cuttings on the ground for a few days so seeds can drop and insects can scamper away. Do this a bit at a time rather than cutting the whole area all in one go.

Protect pond edges

Leave the grass at the edge of your pond uncut for the next few weeks. Baby frogs will be emerging and shelter in plants and long grass by the waters edge before they slowly disperse.
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